About Delko

My experience and expertise in real estate spans throughtout the GTA - although I specialize in Toronto.

High Park is Home.

I was born in the High Park area, and have lived in and around the area for most of my life. Currently, my family (including my amazing wife and two active boys) are lovingly renovating and restoring our 90-year old High Park home. The goal is to keep as much of its heritage as possible, while bringing everything up to 21st century building standards

Overall, my roots in the area (and in the Real Estate field) go much deeper than this. My father, Delko Sr. owned a neighbourhood real estate brokerage for years, immersing me in the business from a young age. I watched my father treat every client with respect - and he showed a deep commitment towards their desire to find or sell a home. He loved his job, and I remember being inspired by his integrity and passion and it was always my hope to one day do something I loved.

Although I didn't immediately follow in his footsteps, my path in life eventually led me back full circle.

Experience where it matters.
You could say that I know the real estate business from the ground up. I’ve been a property manager for over 20 years. I’ve enjoyed taking a hands-on approach with everything from property renovations and maintenance to expertly running rental units.

Plus, as a professional marketing creative, I also understand how to get the word out to effectively promote your home and dramatically minimize those dreaded “days on market”. 

Entrepreneurial and customer-focused.
Everything I do centres on putting your needs first. It’s a time-tested approach that I’ve honed successfully running the online and retail store components of ‘Hello Sunshine – Creative Baby Shop’. Created from the ground up, my wife and I have worked hard to make Hello Sunshine an overnight success. As our boys became young men, we decided it was time to move on. I can honestly say it feels great to have someone recognize me from the Hello Sunshine days and tell me how much the neighborhood misses the shop and the service we provided.